The Advantages of Tiktok Ads

 1. Tiktok users are large, growing rapidly

Tiktok’s user growth rate is leading compared to other platforms. The number of installers is growing strongly globally

2. Natural, interactive Tiktok advertising

Leading in users’ online time, app usage time is 2-3 times higher than other platforms. The video platform is short so the number of creators is very high and the two-way interaction between Creators & Users is very good.

3. Ads Tiktok has high brand recognition coverage.

Because it is a new platform, Tiktok’s cost of reaching customers and building a brand is quite cheap

4. Unique and novel advertising

Tiktok Ads advertising form is in the form of short content videos. Therefore, content can be creatively diverse and unique to attract viewers and become viral, spreading throughout users.

5. Optimize and charge for conversion actions.

The tiktok advertising platform follows a model of only charging for actions that occur. It only costs you if your need is to click on links or your goal is to collect customer information.

6. Low cost of Tiktok advertising.

The cost of running Tiktok ads is 3-5 times cheaper than other advertising tools. 

Benefits of renting a TikTok Agency Accounts

Regular tiktok advertising account

Regular accounts come with several restrictions:

Adrocket agency tiktok advertising account rental service

  • Fully functional Tiktok Agency account, easy money, unlimited running costs.
  • Supports many different payment methods
  • Get quick support from the campaign review team and direct processing support from Tiktok
  • Supports opening accounts and running in 175 countries: US, EU, ASIAN.
  • Create tiktok advertising campaigns without any feature limitations
  • Transfer balance to new account immediately
  • Quickly update many new features, run effective ads from the TikTok team.
  • Supports account resistance and rejected ads in a quick time.
Rent TikTok Agency Accounts

TikTok Agency Account Rental Process 

Open a TikTok Agency Account in Just 3 Steps

  • The account is suitable for: Fashion products, home appliances, POD, Dropship… and products with complete documents.
  • Not accepted: Products that violate policies, medical conditions, oriental medicine, gambling, prostitution

1. Register and Open an Account

Once you have money in your TikTok Agency account, you are free to create tiktok advertising campaigns as you like. Remember to comply with Tiktok’s policies

2. Deposit Funds into Your Account

After confirming the information, we will provide an agency Tiktok advertising account for you. You will be instructed to pay and your tiktok advertising account will receive money within 0-30 minutes
You will be directed to the payment gateway for automatic deposit. Your account will be credited within 0 – 30 minutes.

3. Create Advertising Campaigns

Once your TikTok Agency account is approved and funded, you can freely create your advertising campaigns. Remember to adhere to TikTok Agency policies.

Frequently Asked Questions when Renting TikTok Ads Agency Accounts

We accept payments in cryptocurrency, specifically USDT, for convenience. Additionally, we also accept payments via Payoneer or Wise.

Unfortunately, you can’t create a TikTok Agency account yourself. The only way is to “RENT” one.
To own a TikTok advertising account, please provide information about your business, relevant details and advertising needs to Adrocket..
Our team will contact you and provide account creation instructions as quickly as possible.
Unfortunately there isn’t. TikTok Affiliate accounts cannot be bought or sold
They can only be rented or offered for free by TikTok partners (like Adrocket).
All TikTok accounts claiming to be Agency accounts are scams, so be careful!
Exactly. Adrocket Reseller accounts have access to over 175 countries and territories worldwide.
You are free to target your ads to any country supported by TikTok.

If your account is disabled, Adrocket will assist you in appealing your account. It usually takes a few days to regain access.

Make sure you have a backup plan by renting additional Ad Accounts to run concurrently.

Before creating your ad campaign, review TikTok’s advertising policies and community standards.
You will be solely responsible if your account is disabled.

Can I get a refund if my account is disabled?

Any remaining budget in your disabled ad account will not be refunded under any circumstances.

However, Adrocket can transfer your remaining budget to another Tiktok Affiliate account in our system.

  • This link should not be changed. Doing so could easily result in your account being disabled for any reason.
  • Please contact your support representative before making any changes!