Adrocket Agency – Google Adwords advertising account rental service

Rent MCC accounts for individuals, advertising agencies, and Google Ads advertising companies at extremely cheap costs of only 5-15% of total budget/month. Advertising campaigns run immediately without approval. Self-managed Google Adwords MCC account rental.

Rent Google Agency Account

Save costs with cheap Google Ads account rental service

With nearly 10 years of experience in the field of Google advertising account rental, we have received deep trust from Google as well as customers. Adrocket is your trusted partner for Google Ads Agency Account rentals.


As a Google Premier Partner in Singapore, our expertise and our clients’ advertising performance have made us a trusted Google Ads rental service provider.


Our Google Ads agency account rental service has helped many stores and businesses optimize advertising effectiveness quickly, save a lot of budget and be recognized by customers around the world.


Adrocket is Google’s leading partner in Asia Pacific. Our rental Google Ads agency accounts have helped many businesses grow their revenue strongly with low costs and high conversion rates.

Comparison between agency google advertising accounts and regular accounts

Regular Ad Accounts

Your personal Google Ads account is having problems:

  • Payment threshold limits.
  • New account Setup has been suspended/locked
  • Error domain rejected
  • Ads are not approved, approval time is long
  • Advertising takes money slowly or doesn’t take money at all
  • Managing campaign implementation is difficult
  • Optimizing ads is difficult
  • Having difficulty handling Google ads that violate policies
  • Expensive taxes.
  • Restricted Bidding

Google Agency Ad Accounts from Adrocket

  • Fix account suspension/lock issue
  • Reduced risk of suspension.
  • Multiple payment options.
  • Fully supported with the latest features
  • High reputation, strongest ability to bite money
  • Ads are approved quickly and stably
  • Immediate budget transfer to new accounts.
  • Manage and deploy flexible campaigns, save time by creating and managing multiple accounts in the same system.
  • Ensure optimal advertising costs compared to regular accounts
  • The unit will support customers anytime, anywhere, on behalf of customers to handle issues related to policy violations.
Rent our Google Ads Agency Account

Adrocket's Google Ads agency account offers multiple ad formats

Google Ads Search

Reach your target customers searching for products or services with our google ads agency accounts

Google Display Network

Reach 90% of Internet users browsing over 3 million websites and apps with our Google Ads Agency Accounts.

Google Ads Shopping:

Feature your product information with images, names and prices through our Google Ads Agency Account when users search for shopping information

YouTube Ads

Set up your advertising campaign in YouTube videos for massive reach, increase conversions, increase sales with our Google Agency Ads Account.

Cross-Platform Strategies:

Reach your potential customers on YouTube, Gmail with advanced automated bidding strategies through our Google Agency Ads Account.

App Promotion

Increase your app downloads on Google, including YouTube, Google Search Ads, and Google Play with our MCC Google Ads Account.

Physical Store Traffic

Our advertising services provide essential insights to potential customers, helping them decide when and how to visit your store

Local Advertising

Our google map advertising service gives customers detailed information about the address, opening and closing hours so customers can decide when to visit your physical store.

Optimized Bidding

Set up your ad marketing goals with our smart bidding technology to optimize ad delivery and performance with our Google AdWords Agency Account.

Google Ads Agency Account for Rent

Adrocket rents Google Ads agency accounts and Google Ads MCC accounts depending on the customer’s business goals and specific products to suit customer needs, ensuring optimal Google advertising effectiveness.

  • Impressions
  • Message
  • Views
  • Interactions
  • Reach & Frequency
  • Website Traffic
  • Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
  • Conversion Rate (CVR)
  • Return on Adv Spend (ROAS)

Service fee table for renting a Google Adwords Advertising account at Adsrocket

The cost of renting a Google advertising account will depend on the budget you will run on our Google Ads MCC Account. The larger your budget for running Google ads, the lower the service fee will be. Service fees are calculated as a % of the advertising budget on the account over time.

Fees range from 5% – 15% – Calculated monthly.

Total spend per month Fee of service
0 – $10k 8%
$10k – $30k 7%
$30k – $60k 6%
over $60k 5%

Get Your Ultimate Google Ads Agency Account Ready in Minutes

1. Submit Your Information

Please provide us with necessary information about your business such as: Website, products, related documents. Our team will thoroughly evaluate to ensure compliance with Google’s advertising policies.

This step is very important for your Google advertising campaign to run continuously and effectively

2. Make Your First Payment

After reviewing your details, you make a payment to register with Google Adwords. After you complete the transaction and confirm it with us.
We will activate your rental Google Ads Agency Account within 30 minutes, so you can create advertising campaigns quickly and conveniently.

3. Begin Your Advertising Campaign

Our agency account managers will assist you in using all the features of your rental Google Agency Ads Account. We will guide you through setting up your Google advertising campaign and are ready to assist with any issues you encounter. Start managing your advertising effectively with our comprehensive support from your GMB agency account.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

Increase the effectiveness of your Google advertising campaign and increase sales by using Adrocket’s Google Ads agency account for rent! Don’t miss this transformative opportunity.


Frequently Asked Questions When Renting a Google MCC Ad

  • Agencies like ours start by conducting comprehensive research into their client’s industry, target audience, and key competitors using tools like MCC Google Ads Accounts.
  • This foundational knowledge helps create customized advertising strategies, leveraging our Google Ads Agency Rental Accounts to deliver campaigns specifically tailored to each business’s unique characteristics and needs. market.
  • As a leading partner, our agency stays on top of compliance by regularly updating our strategies to align with the latest Google policies.
  • This is supported through ongoing training, monitoring industry updates, and maintaining direct contact with Google through our Google Business Page Agency Account.
  • These efforts ensure that all campaigns managed through our Google Agency Ads Accounts comply with applicable standards, protect your investment, and maintain the integrity of campaign.
  • Yes, you should hire a Google Ads manager if your campaigns are performing poorly or if you’re handling multiple Google Ads MCC campaigns and accounts.

  • Managers can enhance your advertising results and help you save significant time and resources, especially with complex account structures like Google Ads Rental Agency Accounts.

  • The time it takes to see results from Google Ads campaigns varies by industry, competition, budget, and campaign optimization.
  • You can typically start seeing initial results within a few weeks, with more significant improvements taking several months, especially when managed through a Google Agency Ads Account.
  • Google Ads Management services, especially through Google Ad Agency Accounts, are intended to enhance advertising performance, increase cost efficiency, improve targeting, and increase click-through rates .
  • These services are designed to optimize your campaigns and maximize your return on investment, ensuring your advertising efforts are as effective as possible.
  • Absolutely, you have full control over your campaigns with our Google Ads Management service. Adrocket works with you, allowing adjustments to be made to fit your goals.
  • You can provide feedback, make important decisions, and stay updated on progress
  • This partnership combines your business insights with our expertise in managing Agency Accounts on Google Business Pages and more, ensuring a balanced approach equal to achieve your marketing goals.
  • Yes, Google Ads can be used successfully to both increase brand awareness and drive sales.
  • Campaigns aimed at building brand visibility may focus on maximizing impressions, while campaigns designed to increase sales focus on achieving conversion rates higher.
  • Using a rental Google Ads Agency Account can optimize both strategies effectively.
  • The effectiveness of the Google Ads Management service is evaluated by tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) and analyzing metrics such as Click Through Rate (CTR), Conversion Rate, Cost Per Click (CPC) ), return on ad spend (ROAS) and Quality Score.
  • These metrics provide a comprehensive view of your campaign’s performance, helping you systematically measure success, especially when using services like Google Ads MCC Accounts or Ad Agency Accounts Google.
  • While Google Ads benefits many different industries, industries with products or services that have high search volume, or those that target specific niches, often see more significant benefits. 
  • Using a dedicated Google Agency Ad Account can help you exploit these advantages more effectively, ensuring your ad placements are targeted and effective.
  • Investing in Google Ads management services can optimize your advertising efforts and budget efficiency.
  • Agencies typically charge based on a percentage of advertising spend, with our fees starting as low as 5% of your total spend, significantly lower than the industry average.
  • Additionally, hybrid and performance-based pricing models are available, allowing for flexible cost structures tailored to specific campaign outcomes and business goals.
  • Through Google Ads Agency Accounts and specialized support from dedicated agency account managers, we provide scalable solutions to enhance your digital marketing success.