Facebook Agency Ad Account Rental

Rent a Facebook advertising account with unlimited spending budget, without worrying about advertising restrictions. Grow revenue with thousands of orders every day.
Cheap Facebook advertising account rental service at Adrocket with a fee of 1-6% and unlimited refunds.

Advantages of Adrocket Facebook Agency Ad Account


Experience unlimited budget spending with Facebook advertising accounts for rent at Adrocket. Additionally, agency advertising accounts have priority over regular accounts.
You can create your own Facebook advertising campaign, optimize ad placement and metrics.


A Facebook agency advertising account at Adrocket helps you approve your advertising campaign quickly, without waiting time like regular advertising accounts.
Typically, for compliant products, approval takes 1-10 minutes.


Don’t worry about anything else, because we are always here to support you 24/7
If you’ve never used an ad account manager and you don’t know where to start, Adrocket’s support team is ready to assist you anytime

Comparison Between Agency Accounts and Regular Accounts

Regular Ad Accounts

Regular accounts come with several restrictions:

Facebook Agency Ad Accounts from Adrocket

  • Unlimited daily Facebook ad spend
  • Unlimited number of campaigns and ad groups
  • Quickly review ads
  • Accept all products
  • Cheap advertising costs, no additional taxes
  • No foreign transaction costs
  • Priority support from Facebook
  • Technical support for beginners
  • More stable, with support for technical and strategic issues
  • Transfer money easily between accounts in case of blocking
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24/7 Support from Adrocket

As an Adrocket customer, you have full control over your advertising campaigns and spending. We provide advertising campaign management applications to help customers optimize Facebook advertising effectiveness

No matter what country you’re in, renting our Facebook advertising account gives you control over everything.

The Facebook Adrocket agency advertising account management system operates automatically 24/7 Telegram, you can manage every advertising campaign completely proactively.

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Facebook Ads Account Rental Process At Adrocket

   1. Submit information via Website

We will review your services and advertising needs on the platform to provide a suitable advertising account
Please fill out the registration form on the rent ads account button in the upper right corner of the screen. To quickly contact us via Telegram

  2. Fund Your Account

Once your account is successfully funded, you will deposit money into your account and start using your Facebook agency advertising account.
Your account won’t have a spending budget limit and your campaigns won’t be limited.

3. Create Your First Campaign

We’ll support you every step of the way, from creating and launching your campaign to helping you solve any problems you encounter!
If you are new to this, don’t worry because the support team is available 24/7.


Fee Of Service

We calculate the total cost of hiring an ad account depending on Niche and Size.
We do not have any other fees. Ad Account rental fees only.

White Hat 

5 – 7%

✔️Depend on your volume

✔️Unlimited Spending

✔️Fast Ad Approval

✔️24/7 customer support

Gray Hat

6 – 10%

✔️Depend on your volume

✔️Unlimited Spending

✔️Fast Ad Approval

✔️24/7 customer support


Black Hat

6 – 10%

✔️Depend on your volume

✔️Unlimited Spending

✔️Fast Ad Approval

✔️24/7 customer support


Facebook Ads accounts are being deployed

If you still have questions about the Facebook agency advertising account rental service… Don’t hesitate to contact our consulting team via Fanpage, Telegram. We are ready to support you 24/7

Frequently asked question

A Facebook agency ad account is an ad account offered exclusively to Facebook partners.
Advertising campaigns are approved quickly, there is no spending limit, and there are few ad suspensions. In particular, you can transfer your unspent balance to a new Facebook advertising account. This is an exclusive feature for partners only available at Adrocket
Facebook Agency accounts (Invoice Facebook) are distributed exclusively to its Partners.
So, to get this type of account, please fill out the form below to connect with Adrocket.
After successfully filling out the account registration form, you will be able to use your Facebook agency account

We accept payments in cryptocurrency, specifically USDT, for convenience. Additionally, we also accept payments via Payoneer or Wise.

We don’t need to know which product you want to run. You only have to pay 10% of the total fee spent and providing new advertising accounts and new cards is completely free.

We will provide a new Facebook Ads account as soon as we receive notice from you. Our support team is always available 1-2 people online to support our partners.

First, you need to download and register a Gologin account (you can download it from the official Gologin.com website). Then you send an email using the Gologin account you registered with us and we will share the profile with you (the profile includes the ad account and the account to run it, the pages to run and the pixel pre-installed). You just need to log in to the profile assigned specifically to you to set up ads and earn money.